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LanSchool Turns iOS Devices into Classroom Clickers

Classroom management and monitoring software provider LanSchool Technologies released a mobile device app effectively turning an iPhone, iPad, or iPod into a student response clicker. The student app as well as one for teachers called Teacher's Assistant are available for free download at Apple's iTunes app store.

The apps communicate with each other and the company's main product, LanSchool 7.4, a client-server based software platform that links Mac OS X and Windows computers used by students and teachers. Some of the monitoring functions available to teachers in LanSchool 7.4 include the ability to show the teacher's screen on student screens, blank out student screens, and limit student access to selected Web sites and applications. With the new app release, LanSchool's features like fielding student questions and test delivery in real time are now accessible via mobile devices.

The app downloads themselves are free, but they're dependent on a LanSchool 7.4 license, which starts at $199 per classroom. A free 30-day trial is also available.

More information can be found here.

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