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BrightSign Unveils Wireless Digital Signage Controllers

BrightSign's HD1010w is a wireless, high-definition digital signage controller..

BrightSign, a company specializing in kiosk controllers and digital signs, has rolled out two wireless high-definition digital signage controllers.

The new controllers, the HD210w and the HD1010w, work in conjunction with BrightAuthor software, BrightSign Network, and a WiFi connection to enable distribution, scheduling, and the creation of digital signage presentations from anywhere with Internet access.

The BrightAuthor software offers tools to design layouts, build playlists, and synchronize multiple displays, while the BrightSign Network, a subscription-based, hosted service, allows for content updates, status checks, network scaling, and adjustments to network groups.

Both of the controllers feature built-in wireless networking, RJ-45 connectivity, dayparting, multiple content windows, a text ticker, usage statistics, playback scheduling, and VGA converter modules.

The HD1010w offers RS-232 control GPIO interactivity, a live video module that connects through a USB port, and an expansion model with two USB ports, an optical S/PDIF output, a GPIO port, three analog audio outputs, and a headphone jack.

Ports associated with the HD210w include an SDHC slot, HDMI out, VGA out, and analog stereo out. The HD1010w ships with an SDHC slot, component video out, VGA out, HDMI out, a GPIO Control Port, a 5 volt serial mini jack, an RS-232 port, a USB port, and analog stereo out.

The HD1010w and HD210w will ship in October for $699 and $399, respectively.

Further information is available here.

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