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Epson Unveils Control Hub For Classroom Presentations

The PowerLite Pilot controls projectors through the RS-232 standard and acts as a hub for AV inputs.

Epson has introduced a wall mounted control box that offers input selection, audio manipulation, and iPod connectivity for classroom AV systems. The new control box, PowerLite Pilot, is compatible with the BrightLink 455Wi Interactive Projector, the PowerLite 410W Multimedia Projector, the PowerLite 460W Multimedia Projector, and the PowerLite 450W Multimedia Projector

The PowerLite Pilot features volume control, AV mute, audio mute, projector power control, and the ability to switch between 7 inputs: computer 1, computer 2, video, S-video, USB, HDMI, and LAN.

The box manipulates projector functions through the RS-232 control standard and acts as an extension hub for AV inputs.

Additional features include iPod connectivity and an attached storage compartment designed to hold iPods or Styluses.

Ports include HDMI, two analog RGB/component (mini D-sub 15-pin) inputs, S-video, composite video, USB/USB mini-B, stereo RCA jacks, a stereo minijack, and RS-232.

The PowerLite Pilot will ship in June, backed by both a two-year limited warranty and a toll free support service.  Epson has priced the unit at $249.

Further information is available at epson.com.

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