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Partnership for Los Angeles Schools Launches Digital Learning Strategy

The Partnership for Los Angeles Schools will mark the nation's first Digital Learning Day on February 1 with the launch of a digital learning strategy in its affiliated schools within the Los Angeles Unified School District.

The new strategy will seek to bridge the digital divide in inner city Los Angeles schools by working with four blended learning programs:

  • Lexia, a program that promotes reading skills for students at the elementary level;
  • ST Math, an integrated approach to mathematics utilizing games and activities that will be used in elementary and middle schools;
  • Rev Prep, a Web-based adaptive learning program for students in Grade 8 and up; and
  • Achieve 3000, a differentiated instruction program for middle and high schools.

"As the largest turnaround organization in the country, we are in a unique position to revolutionize learning on a large scale in the inner city. Historically, schools in low-income communities have been disproportionately at a disadvantage when it comes to technology; we plan to change that," said Partnership CEO Marshall Tuck. "By bringing technology into the classroom we are providing students with the kind of invaluable exposure to technology they need to compete in today's technologically advanced job market. But technology alone isn't enough, which is why we are undergoing an aggressive blended learning strategy that couples rigorous teaching tools that engage and inspire with teacher training and tailored instruction."

A showcase of the initiative will take place February 1 at Dolores Huerta Elementary starting at 9 am.

Established in 2007, the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools is a collaboration between the City of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Unified School District designed to improve inner city schools. The partnership currently manages 22 schools in the district encompassing 1,500 employees and nearly 17,000 students.

More information on the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools is available at partnershipla.org.