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Democrasoft Launches Free Collaborize App for iOS Devices

Democrasoft has released a free app that allows students to access online discussions in Collaborize Classroom via iOS devices.

Collaborize Classroom is a free online platform designed to complement instruction and facilitate conversations and collaboration inside and outside the classroom. It allows teachers to create online discussion groups based on language proficiency, special assignments, practice test groups, learning abilities, and class period.

Other features of Collaborize Classroom include:

  • A choice of question types, including yes or no, multiple choice, and vote;
  • Support for document, video, and audio attachments; and
  • Reports and graphics that show student participation in specific discussions, which teachers can use to help decide future lessons.

In addition, the Collaborize Classroom Topic Library provides teachers with thousands of subject-based lessons from their peers in English and language arts, history and social studies, math, science and technology, foreign languages, health and life skills, business and economics, philosophy and religion, and visual and performing arts.

The app, which currently works on iPhones, iPods, and iPod Touches, allows students to log in from anywhere and reply, comment, or vote on discussions. According to information released by the company, an iPad app designed to take advantage of the larger display will be released "in a few weeks."

To download the Collaborize Classroom app, visit For more information about Collaborize Classroom, visit

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