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Juilliard To Launch Online Courses

The Juilliard School will offer its first ever online courses, starting next academic year, in the subjects of elementary, middle, and high school music.

Juilliard is partnering with online learning solution provider Connections Education to offer Juilliard eLearning, a group of online courses structured to Juilliard's standards, available for all K-12 students, educators, and interested adult students with Internet access.

Juilliard eLearning will launch in the 2012-2013 school year nationwide to Connections Education's network of virtual public schools, Connections Academy.  Connections Academy schools, in the next academic year, will serve more than 40,000 students in 22 states.

Connections Education will also offer Juilliard eLearning for purchase directly to other schools, educators, and students of all ages.
Course materials, which will include animations, music, videos, and other interactive resources exclusive to Juilliard eLearning, will be jointly developed by Juilliard faculty and alumni and Connections Education educators. Juilliard instructors and Connections Education certified music teachers will both offer synchronous and a-synchronous lessons as part of Juilliard eLearning courses as well.

Juilliard eLearning's first course offerings will be in elementary, middle school, and high school music, which will meet both Juilliard's standards and the national standards in music education. Future course offerings may include dance history, drama history, music history, and music theory. Classes in synchronous virtual music instruction and virtual "master classes," may also be offered at a later date.

For more information about Juilliard eLearning, call 888-440-2890. A public site with more information will also be launched in July.

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