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Kenexa Brings Social Networking to Learning Suite

Kenexa is adding social learning capabilities to its flagship digital learning suite. The company this week released Kenexa Learning Suite 3.0, which includes an enterprise social learning management system that lets users network and collaborate online.

Kenexa Learning Suite 3.0, which supports more than 10,000 users, includes a social learning management system, a learning content management system, and mobile learning features. The suite lets organizations designate multiple levels of approvals and review, and integrates with Adobe Connect for online classrooms. It also allows users to rate lessons and share their thoughts on the suite.

The social LMS provides the tools for private messaging between coaches and mentors, the creation of online communities, social tagging to help track content, online workspaces to bring together students and teachers in a virtual environment, and community news delivery via e-mail or RSS feed.

Other new Kenexa Learning Suite features include:

  • A single user interface for each student;
  • A homepage, which provides a search box for access to all content and a quick look for transcripts, workspaces, groups, courses, and assignments;
  • A Learn and Schedule page, which provides assignment details, curricula, links to transcripts and course catalogs, and instructor lead training;
  • Ask an Expert, which lets students target messages to specific subject experts;
  • An Explore tab, where students can open all documents, postings, and videos; and
  • A Managers Only portal, which lets supervisors receive feedback and access human resources systems.

Additionally, Kenexa Learning Suite supports courses within curriculums, called "super curriculums," and generates a variety of reports.

In August, Kenexa and IBM reached a definitive agreement for IBM's acquisition of the Wayne, PA-based company for $1.3 billion.

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