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Adaptive Curriculum Launches Windows 8 Apps for Math and Science

Adaptive Curriculum has launched the first four in a series of Windows 8 apps that provide interactive lessons in math and science for middle and high school students. These AC VBook Apps focus on algebra, geometry, and physics.

AC VBooks are e-books that provide a variety of multimedia content designed to help students understand concepts that align with Common Core Math and Next Generation Science Standards. The first four apps are: "Algebra: Linearity, Slope, and Direct Variation," "Geometry: Circumference and Arc Length," "Physics: Electric Current and Resistance," and "Physics: Series and Parallel Circuits." Each app includes a self-test, interactive lessons, a summary of each topic, and an assessment.

Features of the apps include:

  • Chapters that include reading material, interactive online activities, game-like simulations, real-world scenarios, questions, graphs, charts, illustrations, and animations;
  • Glossary of relevant terminology;
  • Tools for taking notes and bookmarking sections of the e-books; and
  • Search and help tools.

The apps are based on Adaptive Curriculum's AC Math and AC Science programs. Adaptive Curriculum, which is designed for grades 6-12, provides hundreds of activity objects, such as interactive simulations, graphics, and 3D models. They are aligned to textbook, Common Core, and state standards, and include assessments and printable activity sheets at the end of each activity. Lessons can be presented on interactive whiteboards, and assigned to either groups or individual students.

The physics and algebra AC VBooks can be purchased for $1.49, and the geometry VBook is free. According to Adaptive Curriculum, next it will release VBook Apps for Algebra I & II, geometry, statistics, biology, chemistry, physics, and Earth science.

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