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GoStrengths Launches Online Social and Emotional Learning Program for Schools

GoStrengths! has launched a new suite of online, research-based social and emotional learning (SEL) programs designed for students ages 8 to 16. GoStrengths demonstrated the programs at the recent FETC 2013 conference in Orlando, FL.

The GoStrengths! SEL program is intended to help kids learn how to overcome challenges, deal with bullies, set achievable goals, develop character strengths, and boost overall happiness. The program consists of a series of 10 interactive modules that require about 20 to 30 minutes each to complete. The program includes over 150 animations as well as step-by-step lessons designed to teach eight core life skills: emotional intelligence, resilience, problem-solving, character strength development, self-confidence, optimistic thinking, social connections, and goal-setting. Adult, kid, and animation-only versions of the modules are available.

According to the company, the GoStrengths! SEL program meets all state-level character education mandates and easily adapts for group or individualized instruction in classrooms or at home. For teachers, the program provides access to built-in training, lesson plans, worksheets, and interactive games to use in the classroom.

Subscriptions for schools and districts include:

  • All modules, games, quizzes, animations, and lesson plans;
  • Individual access for all students, parents, teachers, and administrators;
  • Administrator interface for student, classroom, and school assessment;
  • Custom Webinar training and community demonstrations; and
  • In-house professional development.

The GoStrengths! online SEL program is available now with three subscription levels: Parent, Practitioner, and School/District. Prices for School/District subscriptions vary based on student enrollment. A limited version is available online for free.

Further information about GoStrengths! online SEL program can be found on the GoStrengths! site.

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