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Skyward Launches SkyCoder for Custom Data Management

Skyward has released SkyCoder, a new tool that enables Skyward customers to customize their data management screens and fields without using in-house development staff. SkyCoder is free for customers of Skyward's K-12 Student Management Suite and School Business Suite software products.

SkyCoder allows districts to extend custom-defined parameters, fields, and validations, including modifying existing fields or adding new ones, to make sure they meet the needs of the district. They can also flag specific fields as required to alert data entry staff if the field is left blank or contains invalid data. SkyCoder also includes an import/export function, so districts can share custom scripts.

The intent of this tool is to help districts capture information required by the state and ensure that information is entered correctly in their databases, while saving time and money.

The North East Florida Education Consortium, an association of numerous school districts in the state, has become one of the first SkyCoder users. The state of Florida requires districts to report data for 13 periods throughout the year, and the Consortium plans to roll out SkyCoder modifications to its 11 member districts that use Skyward Student Management and School Business Suites.

"We're looking forward to implementing SkyCoder so we can spend less time on the back-end reviewing data before sending it onto the state," said Daniel Hornsby, applications manager for the Consortium, in a prepared statement. "From this report data, the state is able to glean projections for needs like district funding, class size calculations, future scholarship needs, and much more. Since these reports are so critical, it's important that we provide accurate data for our member districts. SkyCoder supports this crucial need."

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