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Adaptive Curriculum Launches Online Learning System Uzinggo

Adaptive Curriculum has launched a Web-based learning system for students in grades 5-12 designed to use interactive real-world scenarios to help them understand math and science outside of the classroom. Uzinggo, available now, allows students to earn rewards as they progress through lessons.

Uzinggo incorporates the 5E Instructional Model--engage, explore, explain, elaborate. and evaluate--into its study plans, called ZingPaths. ZingPaths subjects include pre-algebra, geometry, biology, chemistry, earth and space science, life science, physical science, physics, prep and review courses, and more. It uses interactive graphics and audio prompts to guide students through self-paced game-like activities.

Other features include:

  • Awarding of badges and points after students answer correct questions and finish assessments, which can be taken multiple times until the subject matter is mastered. Badges and points, which are earned after racking up Zings, allow students to create customized avatars, design their own virtual rooms, earn gift cards, or care for a virtual pet;
  • A leaderboard, which shows students their scores and badges in real time;
  • Parental access to students' accounts to monitor progress, time spent on activities, and if lessons have been finished. The parent portal also provides printable extra assessments and detailed reports; and
  • My Last ZingPath, which saves students' progress as they proceed through lessons and allows them to continue where they left off at the end of the last session.

"For the U.S. to remain a leader in global innovation we have to acknowledge that many of our students are struggling in math and science," said Peter Rillero, professor of science education at Teachers College, Arizona State University (ASU), in a prepared statement. "The research conducted jointly with ASU and Adaptive Curriculum illustrates that there are ways to address this: students need a deeper understanding of math and science, and they need to relate these subjects to the real world--Uzinggo does this."

For the middle and high school levels, individual plans for math or science cost $9.95 a month with a one-year minimum commitment or $94.95 a year. Math and science cost $14.95 a month with a one-year minimum commitment or $134.95 annually.

For more information, visit uzinggo.com.

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