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Curriculum Associates Expands Diagnostic, Progress Monitoring

Curriculum Associates will expand monthly progress monitoring to grades K-8 and offer diagnostic assessments up to grade 12 in i-Ready Diagnostic & Instruction. The changes will take effect in August.

i-Ready Diagnostic & Instruction, aligned with the Common Core State Standards, is a Web-based program that provides school districts with the tools to assess students' strengths and weaknesses, target personalized lessons based on those results, and track student progress.

It includes Adaptive Diagnostic, an assessment that shows teachers what skill level students are at and provides a detailed action plan. Diagnostic reports include overall performance for each test, areas where the student excelled, and areas in need of improvement, as well as recommendations for how teachers should move forward with instruction. iReady Diagnostic & Instruction also provides individualized online instruction based on the results of the assessment, suggestions for downloadable and print resources for teacher-led instruction, and progress monitoring that tracks student performance and can be monitored by student, class, grade, school, and district.

New features of i-Ready Diagnostic & Instruction include:

  • Diagnostic capability available for reading and mathematics for grades K-12. Previously, it was only available for grades K-8;
  • Mini-diagnostics, about 15 minutes long, can be given to students on a monthly basis, or more frequently if desired;
  • Reading and math progress monitoring assessment tool for grades K-8;
  • Assessments focused on comparing and contrasting and use of multimedia; and
  • Reports for districts and administrators with results for grades K-12. Diagnostic and progress monitoring are measured using the same scale.

The cost of i-Ready Diagnostic & Instruction per student beginning in July is $29.99 for one year, $51 for two years, or $67 for three years.

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