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Atlantis Ships ILIO USX Software-Defined Storage

Atlantis Computing, a developer of software-defined storage solutions, has released Atlantis ILIO USX (unified software-defined storage), which is designed for virtualized server workloads.

According to the company, Atlantis ILIO USX lets IT departments pool their existing and disparate storage solutions and share the storage between applications. The software works with storage area network (SAN), network-attached storage (NAS), RAM and flash memory as well as solid state, SAS and SATA drives and older storage arrays. The company claims the solution enables organizations to deploy up to five times more virtual machines (VMs) by optimizing their existing storage to suit the needs of their applications.

Atlantis ILIO USX is intended to eliminate storage silos by unifying the various storage types and making them available to all applications. Once the IT department has consolidated storage, they can then use the solution's policy-based controls to "optimize capacity, availability and performance based on application needs, resulting in lower storage costs and better VM performance," according to information from the company. Atlantis ILIO USX also offers data services including high availability, data protection, inline data deduplication, compression and thin provisioning.

"Software-defined storage will dramatically increase the efficiency of all datacenter storage, allowing IT organizations to get more out of their existing storage and moving forward," said Torsten Volk, research director for Enterprise Management Associates, in a prepared statement.  It also gives organizations "the flexibility to transform commodity hardware into enterprise-class storage," he added.

Atlantis ILIO USX is available now. Further information about the solution is available on the Atlantis Computing site.

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