Canon to Develop 4K LCOS Projector

Canon 4K LCOS projector

Canon's 4K LCOS projector under development

Coming soon from Canon: a new model in its REALiS series of LCOS projectors that will display video and still images at a resolution of up to 4,096 x 2,400 pixels.

Slated for a 2016 debut, the projector is designed to exceed the resolution offered by 4K digital cinema. A proprietary AISYS optical system will deliver 5,000 lumens of brightness without the need for large lamps and cooling systems — resulting in a compact and lightweight body, according to the company. The projector will also feature a ";newly developed 4K wide-zoom lens capable of projecting large images from a short distance, as well as an optical focusing function that enables the projection of images on curved-surface screens."

The device will be Canon's first entry into the 4K projector market. For more information on the company's projectors, go to the Canon site.

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