Response to Intervention

Kickboard Debuts RTI System

Kickboard has added a new response-to-intervention (RTI) feature to its school-wide behavior management system. The RTI system is designed to help teachers track details of behavior intervention plans and monitor data to determine the effectiveness of interventions.

According to Jennifer Medbery, CEO of Kickboard, the RTI system builds on the capabilities of the the Early Warning Indicator System that the company introduced last year. "The Early Warning Indicator System gives schools the ability to establish 'triggers' to instantly alert educators if students are veering off track," she said in a news release. "Now, with the RTI System, they can immediately create behavior intervention plans, assign interventions, access real-time data points to see if the interventions are working and take action as needed."

Teachers can use the RTI system to assign any interventions from Kickboard's configurable Intervention Library to a behavior intervention plan and they can also identify positive behaviors to replace negative behaviors. According to the company, the RTI system makes it faster and easier for teachers to monitor student progress based on quantitative data. Teachers can enter data into Kickboard as part of their daily routines, and then Kickboard automatically populates the data in the individual student's plan. The RTI system includes graphs and other visuals that show student progress on intervention goals and the likelihood of meeting goals based on current progress.

Further information about the new response-to-intervention system can be found on Kickboard's site.

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