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MobyMax Debuts Personalized Social Studies Curriculum

MobyMax, a provider of personalized curricula, has launched a new cognitive skills social studies curriculum for grades 1 and 2 with grades 3-8 coming by August.

"Engaging, interactive lessons are organized into four major domains: history, geography, government and economics," according to a news release. "Each lesson uses cognitive skill manipulatives to push students to think critically about topics being covered. Additionally, lessons include quick checks for understanding to recap main ideas, periodic reviews of relevant vocabulary and short quizzes for each topic. Each lesson concludes with a comprehensive test, which provides teachers a final summative measure of mastery."

Essentials, such as how to read a map scale, using longitude and latitude and reading an elevation map are all covered by the adaptive curriculum. Other skills covered include identifying cause and effect, summarizing, drawing conclusions, identifying fact and opinion, reading various graphs, charts and tables, conflict resolution and voting.

Useful as a primary curriculum or to supplement one already in use, the new social studies curriculum is aligned to most state standards, the National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies.

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