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Highlight Personalized Learning Platform Adds New Content Providers

Education Elements has added three more curated content providers to the list of about two dozen other providers that teachers and students can access via its personalized learning platform Highlight.

The Highlight platform is a cloud-based technology that allows for the integration of educational content, including student information systems. A school district can use it to deploy throughout its district, at the same time making certain pedagogical tools available to individual students or classes. The goal of Education Elements' curated partner catalog is to deliver personalized instructional experiences.

The three new content providers are Epiphany Learning, Own It U and Spider Learning.

Epiphany Learning is a learning relationship management system, Own It U is a student ramp-up course designed to help students who are behind to catch up with their peers and Spider Learning describes itself as a collection of curricular solutions, instructional resources and innovative tools.

Education Elements Founder and CEO Anthony Kim said, "In the past five years we have continued to grow our curated catalog while maintaining our focus on only the best-in-class digital content providers and tools for students. We are proud to announce the newest partners and know they will bring value to the districts we support."

Of the new agreement, Epiphany Learning Founder and CEO Laura Henderson said, "If we want to create student-centric learning, we need to start with vision and the role of the educator — and Education Elements is a leader at doing this."

Own It U CEO Jim Blair said, "More than ever students need to own their learning. Own It! is committed to enabling students to connect their deepest motivations to details goals in the same way as Ed Elements is committed to personalizing each student's education."

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Michael Hart is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and the former executive editor of THE Journal.