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New 3D Printer Offers High-Res Scanner, Laser Engraver and Built-in Wi-Fi

Taiwan-based 3D printer manufacturer XYZprinting has launched a new feature-packed printer suitable for education.

The da Vinci Pro 1.0 3-in-1 features a high-resolution scanner, an optional laser engraver and has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, all while taking up just a modest amount of space at 18.4 x 20 x 22 inches.

The integrated 3D scanner has a 360-degree rotating platform and the ability to scan models from different angles, which can then be merged into one image. It also includes dual-laser scanning technology, eliminating distortion; auto-imaging within five minutes; and the ability to edit, scale, re-position and use post-production software

The laser engraver option means that you can switch out the 3D printing extruder to engrave designs into a range of other materials like wood, leather and cardboard.

With the Wi-Fi connectivity, the maker-user can connect through a laptop or desktop computer from any location.

The da Vinci Pro 1.0 is available from XYZprinting's online store for $899. Likewise, it is available from Amazon, Best Buy and Staples.

Along with the primary "3-in1" features, the new printer also has adjustable heating, speed and retraction settings and an aluminum print bed to decrease the potential for warping. It is compatible with non-proprietary filament so that users can print with thermoplastic filaments of their own choice.

First introduced during International CES in January, the da Vinci Pro 1.0 is one of seven 3D printers that XYZprinting has brought to the market in recent months. However, the da Vinci Pro 1.0 is now available to the education market.

"The launch of the professional da Vinci Pro 1.0 2-in-1 reflects our commitment to the needs of more advanced customers looking for the features and functionalities to 3D print with accuracy at a large scale," said XYZprinting CEO Simon Shen.

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