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McGraw-Hill Debuts Access Manager Rostering Tool

McGraw-Hill Education has introduced Access Manager, a rostering tool designed to simplify the process of moving student rosters into McGraw-Hill Education digital tools.

According to information from the company, Access Manager "allows student roster data to flow seamlessly into McGraw-Hill Education applications, and provides administrative tools to easily manage the data." The tool is built on the OneRoster specification, a free, open standard from the IMS Global Learning Consortium.

"As districts transition to digital they need for their tools, apps and platforms to integrate seamlessly and easily via open standards," said Rob Abel, CEO of IMS Global Learning Consortium, in a prepared statement. Access Manager is OneRoster 1.0 Certified, and McGraw-Hill Education has committed to the OneRoster standard as the onboarding specification for all of its applications in the future.

Access Manager is available with numerous levels of access, including:

  • Standard Access, which provides basic tools to manage digital content manually;
  • Smart Access, which allows the school district to handle all user management with a bulk user import process through a nightly automatic feed;
  • Direct Access, which offers single sign-on for teachers and students, enabling them to access content using only one username and password;
  • Complete Access, which includes both Smart Access automated rostering and content management and Direct Access single sign-on functionality; and
  • Custom Access, which lets school district create custom lesson plans and instructional maps using McGraw-Hill Education digital content, provided on a thin Common Cartridge.

Smart, Complete and Custom Access levels offer OneRoster file support.

Further information about Access Manager can be found on McGraw-Hill Education's site.

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