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Turnitin Releases New, Free Teaching Resources

Turnitin’s back-to-school program, “Rethink Feedback,” features new, free resources and tools this fall. The new elements are designed to help K–12 teachers and higher ed instructors teach proper methods of attribution, improve student writing skills and avoid plagiarism.

The free back-to-school resources include:

  • In the Loop: Feedback Quiz — A 12-question, online self-teaching tool that helps students understand the value of feedback and explains how to get the most from feedback, how to respond to instructor feedback, and how to separate feedback fro evaluative measures like grades.
  • Feedback that Makes the Grade — Seventy-eight percent of students say they want feedback from teachers, but how do they feel about the feedback teachers are giving? This infographic lists five tips for fantastic feedback, details how students use and think about feedback and explains what makes feedback effective in the classroom.
  • Aiming for Integrity Analysis — How well do students understand plagiarism? Compiling more than 12,500 data points from more than 25,000 responses to Turnitin’s Plagiarism Quiz, this report helps educators understand student perceptions of plagiarism and citation methods. 
  • Plagiarism Spectrum — This infographic defines 10 different types of plagiarism. Each type has been given an easy-to-remember moniker to help students and instructors better identify and discuss the ramifications of plagiarism in student writing. Request posters for classrooms, or download a student handout or the full study.


“Teachers intuitively know — and research supports — that there are best practices to giving feedback to students in writing exercises,” said Jason Chu, education director at Turnitin, in a prepared statement. “Feedback that is appropriately constructive, specific, actionable and given at the right time drastically improves how much a student learns about good writing.”

Earlier this year, Turnitin added Revision Assistant to its product lineup. The program, designed for grades 6-12 and developmental writing in higher education, extends teachers’ reach by giving students immediate feedback during the writing process.

For more information about Turnitin products and back-to-school resources, visit Turnitin’s website.

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