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Edmentum Debuts Individualized Learning Tool

Edmentum, a provider of web-based learning software, has introduced a new individualized learning program for K-6 math, reading and English language arts.

Edmentum Individualized Learning is an adaptive learning system that combines assessment, instructional content and progress monitoring. As students work through the content, the system identifies their strengths and weaknesses and adjusts accordingly, offering "targeted instruction aligned with goals, paced to students' needs, and structured to give students control over their own educational journey," according to a news release. The system maintains a complete profile of each student's individual strengths and needs, and it reports on student growth with each successive administration of assessments.

Educators can use the system to identify students who are are working below, on or above grade level, and they can monitor student data at the district, school or grade level. According to information the company's site, educators can also use the system to measure real-time progress by skill, view insights based on "national norming data" and use "simple visualization tools to communicate with stakeholders."

Key features of Edmentum Individualized Learning include:

  • Adaptive assessments developed by Edmentum's subject matter experts and psychometricians;
  • Individualized learning paths with new content;
  • Progress monitoring with real-time alerts to indicate where students are struggling or require intervention;
  • Student grouping recommendations; and
  • Real-time reporting.

Edmentum Individualized Learning will be available to districts and schools in spring 2017.

Further information about Edmentum Individualized Learning can be found on Edmentum's site.

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