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D2L Updates Brightspace LMS with New Virtual Classroom Tools

D2L has unveiled the Autumn16 release of its Brightspace learning management system (LMS), which includes new tools for personalized learning and assessment of soft skills.

One of the highlights of the Autumn16 update is the addition of new video assignment and Virtual Classroom features powered by YouSeeU software for education. Educators can use the video assignment tool to create assignments such as presentations, practice interviews and practical skill demonstrations, and then provide students with time-stamped feedback on their presentations within the completed video. The premium version of the video assignment tool supports additional types of assessments, such as real-world simulations, debates, peer reviews and other exercises using two-way video.

Other key features of the Brightspace Autumn16 release include:

  • Improved intelligent agents to help instructors provide students with of personalized, instant feedback automatically;
  • New Virtual Classroom features, including polling, file sharing, status icons and advanced moderator settings;
  • Expanded support for open standards and open APIs (application programming interfaces);
  • Improvements to the analytics data hub; and
  • Updated Brightspace Daylight user experience with a curated library of images and other visual design enhancements.

"Brightspace Autumn16 offers new tools for learners to demonstrate their knowledge, relationships and workplace readiness," said Renny Monaghan, chief marketing officer of D2L, in a prepared statement.

Premium versions of Virtual Classroom and Video Assignment tools are available at a discount until December 31, 2016.

Further information about the Brightspace Autumn16 release can be found on the D2L site.

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