Digital Textbooks

Chemistry, Physics Digital Textbooks Receive Approval in South Carolina

The South Carolina State Board of Education (SBE) Wednesday announced the approval of digital textbooks from Discovery Education for statewide use as core instructional resources in chemistry and physics classes.

South Carolina school districts now have the option to use SBE-approved funds to purchase the chemistry and physics editions of Discovery’s Science Techbook. The digital textbook is aligned to South Carolina’s academic standards, providing support for a comprehensive curriculum and professional development. As of now, “all K-5 and 6-8 Discovery Education Science Techbook courses, as well as the biology course for high school” have been approved, according to a news release.

Discovery Education Techbooks offer content in a variety of formats (video, audio and text), allowing students to highlight, add sticky notes and have text read aloud. They include hands-on activities, virtual labs and resources to help engage students in STEM. The highly interactive, inquiry-based program is designed to drive students engagement and increase accessibility. Additionally, they cost almost half the price of traditional textbooks, providing an affordable option for school districts. Currently, more than 3 millions in the United States and Canada use Discovery Education Techbooks, according to the company.    

Further information is available on the Discovery Education site.