Nevada Governor Signs 1-to-1 Computing into Law

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval has signed a bill this week that enshrines 1-to-1 computing in education into state law.

The state recently passed SB 467, which codified the Nevada Ready 21 (NR21) program into law and provides funding for the program. NR 21 began in 2015, when Sandoval included $20 million for a statewide 1-to-1 program in his budget. In 2016, CTL was selected to provide Chromebooks for the initiative.

The new law follows a 1-to-1 rollout among 19,000 students in grades 5-8 and an implementation report that returned positive marks for the program, finding that students are more self-directed, collaborative and engaged in problem-solving.

In addition to the computers, the state's contract with CTL includes access to applications such as NCLab, Pocket Lab and web filtering, as well as provisions for IT support and tech coaching for teachers.

"We have started the work of building a K-12 system that will carry Nevada's students into the future," said Sandoval, in a prepared statement. "I was proud to sponsor the Nevada Ready 21 program so that they can have the newest technology to help them be prepared for 21st century jobs. We must remain committed to our students so they can develop the skills and proficiency they need to fully participate in the New Nevada economy."

For more information about the law, visit openstates.org. For more information about the NR21 pilot, access the implementation report at doe.nv.gov.

About the Author

Joshua Bolkan is contributing editor for Campus Technology, THE Journal and STEAM Universe. He can be reached at [email protected].