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Learn With Chegg Unveiled with Enhanced Personalization, Content Integrations

Chegg today unveiled “Learn With Chegg,” a new phase in its digital learning platform that offers more personalization and the ability to automatically push relevant content to users based on their needs, the company said in a news release.

The enhanced platform is underpinned by a "sophisticated recommendation and personalization model" and also integrates its existing academic services — including study help, test prep, and writing and math support — to help students more easily discover related content. Learn With Chegg incorporates data on student needs garnered over a decade from its millions of subscribers to make users’ learning journey easier and more intuitive, the company said.

Through Learn with Chegg, students can intuitively organize their study support by specific concepts, courses, textbooks, or classes.

“The Learn with Chegg platform will leverage billions of user interactions taking place each month, which provide the basis for a unique understanding of how today’s students want to learn, the concepts they are most likely to struggle with, how best to sequence and shape learning help to maximize understanding, and how to deliver academic support in the most time-efficient manner,” said Nathan Schultz, president of Learning Services at Chegg. “Chegg knows where students get stuck and the kinds of content students are consuming at key points in their studies, so it knows which ones to offer them next. Chegg’s platform is geared towards locking concepts into students’ long-term memory by serving them content that will continually enhance and ‘drill in’ their learning.”

In development for over two years, the enhanced platform will be able to adapt to a student’s preferred study method and provide the kind of learning material they find most suits their learning from Chegg’s robust library of videos, practice problems, flashcards, learning pages, step-by-step textbook solutions and more, the company said. Additionally, students will now be able to test their knowledge of a topic through immediate assessment, and they’ll be prompted to take assessments after they have studied content on the platform, the news release said.

Learn With Chegg also aims to bolster the company’s efforts to support students in learning throughout their lives. Chegg will continue to expand its capabilities to support learners well beyond high school and college, offering lifelong learning options and a holistic approach to a broad array of student needs. Learn With Chegg integrates with Chegg Skills, as well as with the recently launched Chegg Life, which offers subscribers guides on topics like financial planning, career pathways, and mental wellness. To that end, Chegg’s offerings are now organized around four core pillars: Books, Study, Career, and Life.

“We wanted the Chegg brand and the services we offer to reflect the reality of the modern student,” said Chief Marketing Officer Esther Lem. “They are mature, motivated, and lifelong learners who will rely more and more on Chegg for all kinds of support.”

Chegg is a publicly held company based in Santa Clara, Calif., and trades on the NYSE under the symbol CHGG. For more information, visit

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