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Two Free Webinars for K–12 Will Focus on Student Data Privacy Risks and Legal Issues

Two organizations specializing in cybersecurity practices and laws governing data privacy in the education sector will each host a webinar next week focusing on student data privacy, data security, and the inherent risks and legal issues connected to K–12 schools’ increasing use of third-party digital solutions.

Both webinars are free and open to any K–12 IT professional, district administrator, legal staff, or decision-maker interested in the evolving data security landscape, and both are scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 17.

The first webinar scheduled that day, “Cyber and Privacy Law for School Districts: An Overview of the Legal Issues and Risks,” is presented by nationwide law firm Hinshaw & Culbertson, with expertise in cybersecurity and risk management across many sectors including education and government.

It will begin at 10 a.m. CST and last one hour. Attorneys and Hinshaw & Culbertson partners Annmarie Giblin of New York and Laura Knittle of Chicago will cover data governance best practices for schools; how to draft an effective incident response plan; data privacy issues related to remote teaching and district-issued devices; common vulnerabilities that have made schools a hot target for cybercriminals; federal laws and the current national regulatory trends addressing schools’ data practices.

Register to attend on Hinshaw’s webinar page.

The second session offered on Feb. 17, “How To Protect Student Data Privacy & Security in Education Technology,” is hosted by Managed Methods; it will begin at 1 p.m. CST and last one hour. The focus will be on how K–12 IT departments can ensure they’re aware of the numerous ways third-party apps and vendors used in schools are accessing their student data and how to manage data privacy risk with so many parties and platforms in the mix.

The panel discussion will include Managed Methods experts as well as Wake County Public Schools Chief Technology Officer Marlo Gaddis and California IT in Education Director of Resource Programs Libbi Garrett.

Register for the session on Managed Methods’ webinar page.

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