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DreamBox Learning to Launch Analytics Dashboard Showing How Students Progress Through Challenges

K–8 math and reading provider DreamBox Learning today unveiled a new educator data-analytics feature called Lesson Highlights to teachers deep insights into how their students are thinking as they complete math challenges — and where students’ problem-solving processes and critical-thinking skills may reveal a need for extra attention in the classroom, according to a news release.

Lesson Highlights will be available starting in fall 2022 to the 400,000 educators using its subscription-based platform, DreamBox said.

Armed with the Lesson Highlights’ roadmap on how a student interacts with DreamBox lessons, a teacher can then playback the lesson with the student and talk through the problem-solving strategies, for example.

Lesson Highlights data analysis also will enable educators to track, predict, and project student growth, depth of understanding, fluency, and skills, DreamBox said. The expanded data-analytics dashboard is founded on insights gained as students use DreamBox’s patented adaptive-learning technology, according to the news release.

“This is transformative technology that essentially allows educators to look ‘over the shoulders’ of students and assess, on their own time, how students worked on a lesson just a few minutes ago rather than relying on data from an assessment taken months ago,” said DreamBox Learning Chief Product Officer Lakshmi Nidamarthi.

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