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SchoolMint Introduces Analytics Platform Focused on Recruiting, Enrollment, Marketing

Strategic enrollment management software provider SchoolMint has launched a new analytics solution called SchoolMint Insights that combines data from multiple platforms to help school districts better understand and achieve their goals of attracting and retaining students, according to a news release.

SchoolMint Insights “unlocks hidden trends and patterns that districts can use to positively impact student enrollment,” the company said, and gives district leaders “concrete options for how to drive enrollment gains.”

The analytics solution aims to help districts answer such questions as “What are parents looking for? Are we offering the right programs and services in the right neighborhoods? Are schools that are oversubscribed handling their application process in a fair and equitable manner?” according to the news release.

The Insights come from SchoolMint’s enrollment and search data as well as data generated by the district’s Student Information System as well as Google Analytics or other third-party website and search data provider, the company said.

“Even well-resourced districts don’t always have the expertise or bandwidth to analyze precise location-based search data to inform program offerings or to effectively A/B test marketing campaigns,” said SchoolMint CEO Bryan MacDonald.

Learn more at SchoolMint.com.

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