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SchoolAI and Utah School District Partner to Bring AI Into All Classrooms

SchoolAI, which integrates generative AI into K–12 classrooms, has partnered with the Jordan School District, one of Utah's largest, to bring AI into all classrooms district-wide using the company's platform.

The platform includes over 1,000 activities with AI tutors, SchoolAI said. Teachers also have access to a dashboard to use for group and individualized lesson planning, student progress oversight, interventions, and more.

SchoolAI's discussion and tutoring sessions are called "Spaces," where students can interact with the AI on various subjects, including AP-level studies, ACT preparation sessions, chats with historical figures from several walks of life, topic exploration, book explorations, career explorations, language learning, and other areas.

There are also a number of free AI tools for teachers, including lesson plans, document templates, intervention plans, and timed activities, among others.

Each chat session with the AI can be tried out by anyone without signing in. Visit the Spaces page to try it out.

Jordan Middle School tested SchoolAI in a pilot project. School principal Eric Price has been an enthusiastic supporter of using AI in the classroom to prepare students for a future where it will become prominent.

"Artificial intelligence is going to be a part of everyday life for our students. We're doing them a disservice if we're not updating our concept of what it means to teach and learn with all the tools available to us now," Price said. "As educators, we have to go beyond content sharing, which is how the curriculum was structured thus far, and embrace a new era of teaching our kids the skills needed for critical and conceptual thinking, no matter what level they're starting from in the classroom."

"We built SchoolAI because artificial intelligence can transform the learning experience for both students and teachers. And we built in guardrails to protect students and enable teachers to deliver personalized curriculums at scale," said Caleb Hicks, SchoolAI CEO. "Future generations aren't going to know a world without AI, so it's critical that we deliver it to students to take them to the next level."

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Kate Lucariello is a former newspaper editor, EAST Lab high school teacher and college English teacher.