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Vivi Digital Signage Adds Announcements Feature

Education-focused wireless screen mirroring and digital signage solution Vivi has introduced a new Announcements feature for whole-school communication. The tool can push text or video announcements to a school's existing network of displays, targeting a single room, a group of locations, or the entire school community.

With Vivi Video Announcements, for example, school leaders can deliver morning announcements or other messages in video format, the company explained in a news announcement. And Vivi Text Announcements allow administrators to relay text-based messages or reminders to classrooms, common areas, or groups of displays. The Announcements feature is combined with Vivi's Digital Signage solution for routine, planned communications and Vivi's Emergency Alerts solution for more urgent communications, the company said.

"Having our Building Principals be able to play a live video to all the classroom screens simultaneously creates a chance for a shared experience without the disruption of bringing everyone together physically," said Kari Moulton, technology integration support specialist at Bourbonnais Elementary School District #53 in Illinois. "It allows the students to put a name with the faces of the building leadership. It's a fantastic and scalable way for our building principals to engage with our students and teachers." 

"Schools are communities, but too often students and teachers feel disconnected from school leadership and each other. Existing public address systems can be disruptive and in-person assemblies are not always feasible," said Natalie Mactier, chief executive officer for Vivi. "Text and video announcements give schools effective and scalable tools for communicating with students and staff throughout the school day."

For more information, visit the Vivi site.

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