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CYPHER Learning Introduces AI Accuracy Tool

Generative learning platform CYPHER Learning has introduced AI Crosscheck, an AI-powered accuracy checker that reviews the quality of AI-generated LMS content.

When CYPHER AI 360 users create a course within their LMS, they can activate AI Crosscheck to apply it to the generated course content. The tool flags inaccurate information, summarizes the issue, recommends replacement content, and gives users the option to accept or dismiss the recommendation.

"One of the biggest barriers to the widespread adoption of generative AI is the fear of inaccuracies and the potential for harmful content. AI Crosscheck helps address these concerns by providing a robust safety net, making it safer for organizations to embrace AI technologies in their content creation processes," commented Graham Glass, CEO and CTO of CYPHER Learning, in a statement.

CYPHER offers its own LMS platform, but its generative course creation features can also be used to publish content to other learning management systems (such as Canvas or Blackboard) via the LTI standard. Visit the CYPHER site for more information.

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