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AI Tool Offers Personalized Learning Experiences for Diverse Student Needs

K-12 special education and intervention platform Classworks has introduced a new AI-powered learning assistant designed to help create personalized learning experiences for students. Wittly by Classworks uses generative AI to provide explanations and guidance tailored to each student's learning style, interest level, and preferred language, freeing up teachers' time to focus on small group instruction and provide more individualized support, the company explained in a news announcement.

Powered by Anthropic's Claude LLM, Wittly adheres to a number of principles for safe and responsible AI, the company said:

  • Utilizing a human-in-the-loop model, Wittly "combines AI technology with human oversight from educators and engineers, ensuring responsible development and implementation."
  • Students engage with Wittly by selecting from pre-created prompts (indicating, for instance, whether the AI response was helpful or if they need further instruction), eliminating the risk of inappropriate conversations.
  • To safeguard student privacy, Wittly uses anonymized data for training and avoids collecting any personally identifiable information.

"We are thrilled to introduce Wittly by Classworks and harness the power of AI to personalize learning for every student," commented Lindsey Cook, CEO of Classworks. "Wittly fosters a self-directed learning environment by providing differentiated instruction to students at their interest level regardless of the level of skill they are working on. This type of personalized support leads to increased teacher capacity and improved student outcomes. We are committed to using AI responsibly and ethically to ensure a safe and impactful learning experience for all."

For more information, visit the Classworks site.

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