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Kentucky District To Host Ed Tech Open House

The Fort Thomas Independent School District, the highest rated district in Kentucky, will host an open house for other districts across the state to demonstrate on site how digital learning tools are used in the district.

No.Inc Debuts Portfolio Assessment System for Special Education

No.Inc, an educational technology software development company, has launched a special education transition portfolio system for high school students in Maryland who are transitioning out of special education.

The Future of AV Displays

Today, students are interacting with content on large touchscreen flat panels. Soon, they could be using immersive head-mounted displays.

MobyMax Debuts Personalized Social Studies Curriculum

MobyMax, a provider of personalized curricula, has launched a new cognitive skills social studies curriculum for grades 1 and 2 with grades 3-8 coming by August.

2 Universities Recognized for Tech in Teacher Prep

Two universities, California State University, Fullerton and Lehigh University, have earned certification from a nonprofit organization for their emphasis on the use of technology in learning in their teacher preparation programs.

Research Tool Aims To Expand the Definition of Search Query

A Boston-based nonprofit, the Institute for the Study of Coherence and Emergence, has introduced a research tool called Epi-Search, that can allow researchers to write queries of scholarly materials as long as 10,000 words.

InFocus Intros 2 Ultra-Mobiles for Projection on the Go

InFocus today introduced two lightweight, compact DLP projectors designed for ultra-portability.

New York District Goes 1:1 with Chromebooks

Batavia City School District in New York will provide every student in the high school with a Chromebook beginning in fall 2016.

Ocean Beach SD Adopts Adaptive Program for Reading Interventions

Washington's Ocean Beach School District has adopted an adaptive learning program in an effort to accelerate student growth.

Learnings from a Traumatic Professional Development Experience

This week’s blog post is about how CN un-traumatized ES after his professional development "experience." Without CN, he presided over a 50-minute session on how to use our Collabrify Apps in the K-12 classroom, at a one-day professional development event at a regional high school. ES thought that telling teachers how to use technology in their classrooms was a '90s strategy — not a today's strategy.

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