Augmented and Virtual Reality Leading Growth in Emerging Devices

Augmented and virtual reality will grow to more than eight times its current size over the next five years, making it the fast-growing category among emerging devices, which include wearables and smart home devices.

Virtual Reality Headsets See Explosive Growth

Virtual reality headsets grew more than 50% in the first quarter of 2021 compared with the same period last year, according to a new report. Facebook, which owns Oculus, was one of the key driving factors.

Texas CC Tests VR to Help Middle Schoolers Explore Careers

A Texas community college turned to virtual reality to help middle schoolers in the region figure out what careers they should declare for themselves as they enter high school, as well as to promote career and technical education (CTE).

Virtual Field Trip Kits Get a Makeover

An education robotics company has updated its virtual field trip offerings. RobotLAB will be working with Encyclopedia Britannica on VR Expeditions 2.0.

Tulsa High School to Set Up AR/VR Immersive Learning Lab

The new lab at the high school will provide a theater-style setting, numerous VR headsets and hands-on tactile engagement to create mixed reality content.

Ed Tech Company Intros New Platform for Delivering VR Lessons

A company that creates augmented reality and virtual reality education applications has launched a new platform for creating and delivering lessons to be taught in VR. VictoryXR Academy from VictoryXR enables the user to build lesson plans for a single class or a course.

VR Device Replicates Touch

A new virtual reality device from a team of Carnegie Mellon University researchers allows users to feel walls and solid objects.

Augmented Reality to Reach $100 Billion by 2024

The market for augmented reality will soar to $100 billion by 2024, driven by advances in interaction between the user and AR devices, according to a new forecast by market research firm ABI.

Education to Help Drive VR Growth

Education is one of the categories that will help propel the massive growth of virtual reality over the next five years.

School Uses VR to Introduce Students to New Situations

A British school that works with people who have severe autism is turning to virtual reality to help its students try out new experiences.