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NXTLOG Contest Asks Students to Build Lego Adventure Bots

Legos have found yet another life, thanks to the power of the cloud. NXTLOG is an online community that encourages Lego users to share how-to instructions for building unique robots. To do so, users have to employ 21st century skills such as posting digital photos and videos, writing blog posts, and following the safety and etiquette rules of an online community.

Walling Off the Cloud = Dumbing Down Digital Skills

In the digital age, filtering is the “garden wall” designed to keep bad stuff and dangerous people away from children so they are free to focus on learning (not video games). But this “protection” is achieving the opposite of what many educators claim to want for students.

Cloud Computing To Make Up 35% of K-12 IT Budgets in 4 Years

Within one year, cloud computing in K-12 schools is expected to consume a quarter of the entire IT budget; four years from now, that figure will grow to 35 percent. What's driving that growth?

A Snapshot of Cloud Storage Adoption

A report produced by TwinStrata, a data storage company, offers the perspective of those using or exploring cloud storage options.

CoSN Assesses Cloud Risks and Realities

Nearly all K-12 schools now use cloud technology in some form. But how many understand all the possibilities and pitfalls? That's the question posed by a new report to members of the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN).

Science in the Cloud

Science teachers must continue their own education to stay current. One professional organization that takes an integrated approach to learning, including making use of the cloud, is the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA).

Google Doodle...With Crayons

One of the world’s largest cloud services providers is shooing children away from their computers and back to their drawing boards, crayons, markers, colored pencils, and other art supplies. The Doodle 4 Google contest launched on Jan. 15 with the announcement of the 2013 theme, "My Best Day Ever...”

The Cultural Context of the Cloud

Cloud computing is referred to as a tool, as an essential component to 21st century skills, as an inexpensive way for schools to educate students at a time when budgets are being cut, and as the future of information and communications technology (ICT). To fully understand the implications of all this hype, educators need to see a larger context beyond the classroom, according to James Bosco, principal investigator for a MacArthur Foundation project titled "Schools and Participatory Culture: Overcoming Organizational and Policy Barriers."

Chicago Public Schools Says Communication Was Key to Successful Google Apps Rollout

Strong communication and well-planned training were behind the success of the recent rollout of Google Apps for Education across 681 schools in Chicago Public Schools (CPS), according to Lachlan Tidmarsh, chief information officer for CPS.

Training Was Key to Oregon's Statewide Google Apps Implementation

Two years ago, Oregon became the nation's first statewide Google Docs adopter, and Crook County High School jumped on board. What started as a new e-mail system quickly evolved into a full-blown Google products rollout.

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