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iPad App Helps Students with ADHD Stay on Task

A new iPad app feature tied in to Facebook is designed to help students with ADHD combat procrastination and stay on task.

Gail Lovely's 5 Favorite Free Web Apps for Education

Early childhood education expert and FETC speaker Gail Lovely shares her favorite free web tools for students, which require nothing more than a computer with internet access.

5 Tips for Teaching Digital Citizenship in the Elementary Classroom

While we shouldn't stop teaching children how to say "please" and "thank you," and bullies will still exist in the face-to-face world, it is vital that we treat online safety and digital citizenship with the same amount of seriousness and attention.

Democrasoft Releases Collaborize Classroom iPad App

Democrasoft has released the Collaborize Classroom Pro iPad app, a tool that's designed to complement instruction and facilitate conversations and collaboration inside and outside the classroom.

'Banning Is Not the Answer' to Mobile and Social Tools in Schools

Before choosing to restrict the use of social and mobile tools in schools, policymakers and education leaders have to consider the negative impact such restrictions will have on learning. That's the premise of a new policy report released jointly this week by more than a dozen prominent education associations and advocacy groups.

Texting With Teachers Keeps Students in Class

One high school is using text messaging and free cell phones to keep students and teachers in constant contact with each other, and seeing dramatic results.

Pen Pal Kids Club Offers Free Classroom Subscriptions

Pen Pal Kids Club, an international social network for students in grades K-8, has begun offering free classroom subscriptions.

Watchitoo, Pearson LearningStudio Offer Real-Time HD Video Chat Option for Online Courses

Watchitoo and Pearson eCollege have teamed up to add an integrated collaboration solution, including real-time video chat, to the Pearson LearningStudio SaaS online education platform.

VidTel, Vaddio Launch Cloud-Based Videoconferencing System

VidTel and Vaddio have partnered to provide a cloud-based videoconferencing platform and equipment that allows the user to participate from a variety of systems and devices. VidTel's MeetMe uses Vaddio's EasyUSB tools.

Democrasoft Launches Free Collaborize App for iOS Devices

Democrasoft has released a free app that allows students to access online discussions in Collaborize Classroom via iOS devices.

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