Equity Issues in Education

Verizon Donates $10M+ to Heart of America Program to Expand Innovative Learning Labs

National education nonprofit Heart of America on Monday announced a landmark grant of over $10 million from Verizon, which will dramatically expand the organization’s partnership with Verizon aimed at infusing technology in some of the nation's most under-resourced schools.

PresenceLearning Acquires Global Teletherapy and Secures New Majority Stakeholders, Preparing for Expanded K–12 Special Education Offerings

PresenceLearning, a provider of teletherapy software for special education and mental health providers in K–12 schools, has completed two transactions that pave the way for significant growth and will help build the next generation of technology for therapists to expand student services, the company said.

Equitable Facilities Fund Commits $500M to Public Charter Schools Led By People of Color

The nonprofit facilities fund will provide low-cost, long-term financing directly to school leaders of color who reflect the communities they serve.

Competition Promotes Learning to Code with Music Remixing

Amazon Future Engineer is working with Georgia Tech and Pharrell Williams' nonprofit YELLOW in a new K-12 competition intended to push students to understand how music, computer science and entrepreneurship can be tools used to advance equity.

STEM Brief Steers Teachers on Confronting Racism in Science Teaching

A new STEM teaching brief offers guidance on dismantling institutional and system racism in the K-12 science classroom. Published by the Institute for Science + Math Education at the University of Washington College of Education, the short report pointed out that teachers play a big role in changing the "racist legacies of STEM and schooling," through a combination of "examining [their] own prejudices" and embedding racial justice into their instructional practices.

How to Support Students and Families through Technology and Innovation

Within Fullerton School District’s Innovation and Instructional Support department, our focus is to meet the needs of our staff, students and families by providing the right mix of technology and support.

Many Parents Say Tech Barriers Hindered Academic Success in the Last Year

A new survey of 1,000 parents of school-age children found that nearly half (48%) reported technological barriers that hindered their kids' academic success over the last year. Barriers included limited equipment, lack of Wi-Fi and other factors.

Survey: Most Young Kids Are Learning STEM at School

A large majority of students age 10 and younger are being taught STEM at school, and parents can't seem to get enough of it. A survey of 1,000 parents of students aged 10 and younger found that 78% reported that their kids are learning STEM-based curricula at least weekly. And 73% of parents want schools to adopt more STEM learning.

Nonprofit EducationSuperHighway Aims for Helping Fill Household Broadband Gap

EducationSuperHighway is shifting its attention away from the needs of K-12 internet connectivity and to the unconnected American household. The nonprofit, which helped close down the "classroom connectivity gap," has a new mission: to make sure the 18.1 million households that can't afford to connect to broadband get it.

A New Mission for EducationSuperHighway

The nonprofit that helped close the school digital gap is now back, with a new goal: Making sure families who need home access to affordable broadband can get it.