Equity Issues in Education

Jewish Youth Esports Group Turns to HSEL's GenE for Community Support

Two organizations are joining together to promote diversity in esports. Generation Esports and Lost Tribe Esports are hosting multiple esports tournaments, including one for girls only that just took place.

Philly Program Targets 35,000 Students for Digital Connectivity

A public-private partnership in Philadelphia will help up to 35,000 students in low-income households acquire computing devices and internet access. "PHLConnectED,"as the program is called, will also provide digital skills training and tech support for families, in time for the start of school.

Study Recommends Total Ban on Facial Recognition in Schools

A study by researchers out of the University of Michigan's Ford School of Public Policy noted thsat facial recognition technology does not work the same for all people and that it will disproportionately "impact particularly vulnerable populations."

Closing the Digital Divide

A project in North Carolina offers lessons worth learning for your efforts to help students get the technology they need for internet access.

Students Get Scholarships to Summer STEM Camps

The goal is to expose underrepresented minorities to the world of STEM as a field of professional pursuit. The scholarship students will receive laptops and home internet access.

Black, Female Assistant Principals Face Higher Climb to Principalship

A new study has found that black and female assistant principals are "systematically delayed" and denied promotion to principal, compared to their white or male counterparts, despite having equivalent qualifications and more experience on average. The findings were published in AERA Open, a peer-reviewed, open access journal of the American Educational Research Association.

New Reports Examine Inequity in Math Ed, Offer Steps Forward

Children's early math success (as early as age 5) serves as a "predictor" for later success in both math and education. Yet there are structures and practices put in place in those early years, the authors of two new reports argue, that either "contribute significantly" to students' success and confidence with math or limit it.

Poverty, Race Linked to Lack of Internet for Students

The research project quantified how much less likely low-income and non-white children and youth were to have access to the internet than their peers.

Boys Favor, Show More Confidence in Math over Girls

A national survey of high schoolers showed that even among the top students, boys both favored and had greater confidence in math classes than girls.

8 Steps for Developing a Robust Plan for Distance Learning

Make sure your district is covering the legal basics as you develop your remote instruction efforts.