Esports in K–12: Articles & Resources

Houghton Mifflin to Expand Educational Game Development

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt aims to expand its educational game offerings for young learners with its acquisition of Tribal Nova.

Memphis Schools Adds Gaming for Math and Science

Memphis City Schools has signed an agreement with a Web-based service that provides math- and science-based games.

Nashville and Houston Public School Districts Add New Web-Based Game Design Courses

Public school districts in Nashville, TN and Houston, TX will launch new STEM courses in their high schools. The courses will teach students in grades 10-12 how to design and develop computer games.

Game Design: The Key to Education?

Imagine a learning environment where students engage core principals using gameplay, solve problems through team-based collaboration, and use gaming systems in place of standardized textbooks. Is our education system ready for that? Do we have a choice?

Playing To Learn

Imagine a school where the kids play iPad games to learn about genetics or take on the personas of ghosts to learn about the American Revolution. Those are the approaches to teaching going on at Quest to Learn, a public school in New York City that opened in 2009 expressly to explore how gaming can be integrated with curriculum and where educators work alongside curriculum specialists and game designers to develop instruction.

Game-based Learning Is Playing for Keeps

The Institute of Play's Katie Salen helps educators understand the valuable connection between digital gaming and classroom instruction.

Better Learning Through Game Design

The World Wide Workshop's six-year-old social learning network, Globaloria, is designed to teach science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills through hands-on game design and programming.

Birmingham Schools Try First in Math for K-8

A sizable district in Alabama has been running a 2012-2013 pilot to motivate students using an online math skills portal.

StraightAce Self-Tutoring App Aims To Help Middle School Math Students

Benesse America has unveiled a self-tutoring mobile app that uses gamification to help struggling middle school students improve in math.

Kaplan Game App Teaches Students English

Kaplan International Colleges has unveiled free iOS and Android apps designed to help students learn the English language by playing a game.