Esports in K–12: Articles & Resources

Learning Games Network, FableVision Unveil Free Game Design Kit

Learning Games Network and FableVision have partnered to create the Game Design Tool Kit, a free online resource designed to help teachers use game design more extensively in their curriculum. The companies will also provide professional development workshops and gaming sessions to help teachers learn how to use the tools.

Wowzers Tackles Elementary Math with Online Games

A company that creates educational virtual worlds has introduced a new online product designed to help third through fifth graders get better at math.

Califone Intros Touchscreen MP4 Player for Education

Designed for education, Califone's new touchscreen media player supports individual and small group digital learning activities.

AT&T Aspire Contribution Sends GameDesk onto National Stage

AT&T, as part of its AT&T Aspire program, is contributing $3.8 million to help Los Angeles-based nonprofit research and technology institute GameDesk take its model of embedding academic materials and assessments into interactive digital games and simulations to a national audience.

DimensionU Launches Math Tournament

DimensionU has launched DU the Math, a five-week tournament that invites students nationwide to compete for scholarships while strengthening their math skills through game play.

Pilot Program Incorporates Video Games into Classroom Learning

Teachers in seven school districts the United States are taking part in a pilot program that uses Microsoft's Kinect for Xbox 360 to teach math, language arts, history, geography, science, and physical education, and also to help special needs students.

6 New Apps to Gamify Learning

A monthly showcase of the latest mobile apps for educators and students. This month's roundup features new games that test math, geography, and basic skills.

Math and Biology Lessons To Go Massively Multiplayer and Online in MIT Project

An MIT research team that explores the value of learning through games has just received a $3 million boost to create an MMOG--a massively multiplayer online game--specifically to teach math and biology to high schoolers.

Brief: Sunburst Digital Lorenz Partner for SWYK Online

Sunburst Digital will handle national sales and marketing for Show What You Know Online, a web-based system to be released this year that provides remediation lessons, games, and online assessments aligned to Common Core State Standards. It is designed to help teachers and administrators track progress district-wide, by school, grade level, class, and standard.

RPG Teaches U.S. History to Middle Schoolers

A new online and desktop-based RPG is putting middle schoolers in the role of an escaped teenage slave as she flees to the North and joins up with abolitionists in Ohio.