STEM/STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and the Arts

Here you'll find articles and resources for STEM+Arts education, also known as STEAM. Topics include science, technology, engineering, math and arts education and range from research reports to feature articles to profiles of makerspaces to news about new STEAM and STEAM initiatives in schools.

Arkansas Spending $400K for Computer Science Program

Arkansas is spending $400,000 to offer an online program for middle school students around the state, according to the Associated Press. The program is aimed at raising interest in computer science and other science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers.

Your Guide to STEM and STEAM at This Year's ISTE Conference

STEM is at the top of the menu for this year's ISTE conference and exposition, taking place in Denver June 26-29. Three keynoters will hit the topics of STEM and STEAM from quite diverse directions.

Building the Future: Tinkering and Playful Learning

We've assumed that focusing on STEM skills, like robotics or coding, are important, but the reality is that STEM skills are enhanced and more relevant when combined with traditional, hands-on creative activities.

JoVE Adds Clinical Skills Collection to Science Demonstration Videos

The Journal of Visualized Experiments is expanding its database of science method and practice demonstration videos for high school and higher education with the launch of its first Clinical Skills collection.

3D Printer Shipments Up for Education (and Every Other Segment)

3D printing is on a growth jag. A new forecast from International Data Corp. projects that the market grew in the United States by nearly 20 percent in 2015 compared to 2014.

NGSS Releases Overview for Principals

To help Principals understand the Next Generation Science Standards, the organization behind those efforts has issued a guide specifically for them.

Apple Launches Swift Playgrounds App to Teach Kids to Code

The app uses an interactive interface to helps kids explore Swift, Appleā€™s programming language.

Teachers Dive into Deep-Sea Exploration with STEM Nautilus Program

A non-profit organization dedicated to ocean exploration has teamed up for a second year with an oil and gas company to deliver training to teachers on how to engage their students in related STEM topics.

New PBL Guide Tackles Life Science Problems

Adding problem-based learning (PBL) to science classrooms can be tough to do. As a new book by the National Science Teachers Association points out, "Valuable resources exist that describe in general what PBL is, how to develop lessons, and how PBL can help students, but curriculum resources are much harder to find."

Report: Students Want Hands-On, Real-World STEM Education

The new research also found that teachers are a major influence to students in STEM education.

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