Technology for Special Needs Students

Be Heard Grants Award Classroom Sound Reinforcement Systems

The Calypso School First Foundation, the philanthropic arm of education technology developer Calypso Systems, has announced the recipients of the 2009-2010 Be Heard | School Grant.

Foundation Grants $314,000 to Education Programs

26 grants were awarded to non profit organizations by Staples Foundation for Learning last week. The grants totaling $314,000 were dispersed to schools across the United States for disadvantaged student programs and ranged from $2,000 to $50,000.

Alabama District Taps IBM for Student Data System

In an effort to develop new data systems that will help it track student outcomes and adjust students' educational programs based on their needs, Mobile County Public Schools in Alabama has tapped IBM to deliver analytics technologies to replace its legacy reporting system.

Partnership Aims To Broaden the Accessibility of Digital Media

In an effort to bring digital media, specifically streaming video, to as wide a student audience as possible, two corporations have partnered with the United States Department of Education to significantly expand the number of videos featuring closed captioning and audio description tracks.

Curriculum Advantage Adds Supplementary Improvement Materials to Software

Instructional software maker Curriculum Advantage has announced the addition of Response to Intervention (RTI) "bundles" to the materials available to help K-12 students in reading and math.

Kentucky District Implements Early Reading Program

The Boone County, KY, School District has approved the Headsprout Early Reading (HER) program for all kindergartners and first-graders in the district. BCSD has used IDEA and ARRA federal stimulus funding to purchase a five-year site license for the 80-lesson program.

Virtual Academy Speeds Identification of Students at Risk

The Idaho Digital Learning Academy, a virtual K-12 school established by the Idaho legislature in 2002, is looking to accelerate the identification of students who need special help to succeed academically.

Optical Scanners To Help Disabled Middle Schoolers Achieve Academic Success

Students at Eastmont Middle School in Sandy, UT, will soon have a new technology tool to use when learning to read. Known as ReadingPens, the optical scanners translate the written word into spoken sentences, thus improving the chance that disabled students will learn the material being presented.

Professional Development Provider Seeks To Demystify Autism Using Online Workshops

For educators who teach children affected with varying degrees of autism, the watchword has long been "frustration." But ongoing progress in improving professional development training for these individuals may make such inescapable frustration a thing of the past.

Education Dept. Grants Aim To Attract Professionals to Teaching in High-Need Schools

The United States Department of Education has announced $6.86 million in grants to help attract professionals and recent college graduates (with degrees in disciplines other than education) to careers in K-12 teaching.

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