Technology for Special Needs Students

Gov. Schwarzenegger Promises Reprieve to California Homeschoolers

In late February, California's Second District Court of Appeals issued a ruling that effectively banned every form of homeschooling in the state--whether coordinated through a public school district, combined with online schooling, or otherwise administered in a way that does not include full-time, in-person instruction from a credentialed teacher. It was a ruling with widespread implications for every homeschooling parent in the state, and one that is now being challenged on two fronts: by homeschool advocates and by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger himself.

'Foundations' Series Aims To Boost Elementary Reading Comprehension

Education developer Dynamic Literacy has released Foundations, the latest series in its WordBuild Vocabulary Development System. Foundations teaches "morphics," a term the company uses to differentiate its morphological instruction from phonics-based approaches. The system is targeted toward students in grades 3 through 5, though it can also be used in interventions for students in grades 6 and up.

North Dakota To Roll Out Special Ed Management System

The North Dakota Department of Public Instruction (NDDPI) has signed on with Maximus for a $1 million state-wide implementation of TIENET, a special education case management system.

ALEKS Debuts Online Math System

Education technology developer ALEKS has debuted a new online math tool called QuickTables. Targeted toward grade 3 and up, the system is designed to provide math practice coupled with individualized assessments for immediate remediation.

Accessible eLearning: School for Deaf Deploys D2L

Washington School for the Deaf in Vancouver, WA is making the move to provide educational services to deaf and hard of hearing students regardless of location. The statewide educational agency has adopted the Desire2Learn learning management system in an effort to provide direct instruction to students from around the state.

Orchard Taps PracticePlanet for Intervention Strategies

Education software developer Siboney Learning Group has updated Orchard, the company's targeted instruction software for math, language arts, and science for K-9. Enhancements to the software include expanded platform support, a variety of design tweaks, and a new technology that ties in the company's PracticePlanet service to help generate data for developing intervention strategies.

NetRTI Monitors Achievement for Struggling Learners

Education technology developer Netchemia earlier this month released netRTI, a response to intervention program targeted at struggling learners and special needs students.

Adaptive Curriculum Launches Math and Science Activities

Sebit this week launched a new online educational resource focused on math and science: Adaptive Curriculum. The resource provides a library of math and science activities aligned to state and national standards. It's on display at the FETC show in Orlando, FL.

FETC Brief: Pearson Expands Online Math Remediation

At the FETC show in Orlando, FL Tuesday, Pearson announced that it's expanded its online math remediation tool, Pearson Perspective, to include video tutorials from Video Math Tutor.

Omtool, eSped Partner for Special Ed Document Management

Technology providers Omtool and eSped have partnered to develop a new document management solution for special education in K-12 schools. eSped is a developer of Web-based solutions for special ed, while Omtool is a document capture and management technology provider. The new solution combines the two technologies to help capture, organize, manage, and distribute documents related to special education cases.

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