Expert Perspectives

How Teachers Can Tackle Noise and Hearing Loss

Schools can be noisier than many think, but for those who struggle to hear, technology can help teachers communicate better and live healthier lives.

Rather Than Monitor Students' Web Use, Teach Them Good Digital Citizenship

There’s a better way to keep students safe online than monitoring their Internet activity.

How Video Enhanced Coaching Sets Educators Up to Reflect and Grow

Teachers make an estimated 1,500 decisions per day — just part of an already intensive workday. Without additional support, this leaves little time for self-reflection and professional growth to occur.

Use Moral Courage to Navigate Today's Social Media Landscape

Social media is intentionally designed to hijack our emotions. But, there is a way to break the cycle.

5 Things Your Students are doing on Their Devices that You Can't See

Although many schools have some safeguards in place to monitor what students are doing on their devices, there are some activities that often fall through the cracks which can disrupt learning.

Robotics Connects Young Learners to Core Curriculum and Each Other

Collaborative lessons help teachers accelerate learning for all students in math, literacy, and SEL.

How to Support Students and Families through Technology and Innovation

Within Fullerton School District’s Innovation and Instructional Support department, our focus is to meet the needs of our staff, students and families by providing the right mix of technology and support.

Community Is the Key to Unlocking the Full Potential of STEM Education

As educators, we are often a student’s first introduction into a subject or field. Therefore, it is critical that we are not only making learning fun for our students but also, more importantly, making it relevant to pique their interest. Oftentimes, the real-world applications of our subjects can get lost as we focus on preparing students for state mandated exams. Yet, this is often how our students lose their joy and interest in learning.

Multiplying the Impact of Math Catch-up

Elementary school education is accumulative, building on whatever instruction came during the prior grade. One year you’re learning polynomials, the next how to graph them, while social studies gradually becomes more nuanced and comprehensive. So, what happens when a break occurs in the educational track? Across the nation, despite teachers’ best efforts, students are suffering from the impact of a year of online learning, and it’s crucial to recoup that lost training and engagement before the chance is lost forever.