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T.H.E. News UpdateT.H.E. News Update is a weekly newsletter covering the latest in technology trends, tools, and usage for K-12 instruction and administration. Opinion pieces by leading technology experts and visionaries provide insight on a variety of critical issues. News, announcements, and need-to-know statistics give readers a quick look at timely news and events affecting the education community. Published weekly.

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Research Suggests Professional Development Delivers Better Student Scores (02/12/14)

AP Courses Surge Even as Online AP Participation Declines (02/11/14)

Charitable Donation Trends for K-12: Secondary Schools Lag Behind Primary (02/06/14)

The Modern School: Reclaiming Creativity and the Language of Learning (02/05/14)

Students and Digital Learning: The Results Are In, and They're Not Exactly What You Think (02/04/14)

50 Top Execs Urge E-Rate Modernization To Propel Broadband in Schools (01/30/14)

Harvard Reports Examine K-12 Student Privacy (01/29/14)

NY Teachers: Put Common Core on Hiatus (01/28/14)

Philly School Swapping Macs for Chromebooks (01/23/14)

Concerns over Student Data Privacy Widespread Among Americans (01/22/14)

Microsoft Calls for Student Privacy Commitment from Cloud Industry (01/21/14)

Will Net Neutrality Ruling Doom Education to Second-Class Status? (01/16/14)

Obama Administration Calls for Input on Accelerating New Learning Technologies (01/15/14)

Student Data Not a 'Product' To Be 'Sold to the Highest Bidder' (01/14/14)

Task Force Issues Recommendations for Achieving Digital Learning (01/09/14)

SIIA: U.S. PreK-12 Is a $7.9 Billion Software Market (01/08/14)

Hawaii Goes Public with Growth Model Visualization (01/07/14)

Research: Improving Test Scores Doesn't Equate to Improving Abstract Reasoning (12/17/13)

Workplace Woes: Education 'Least Innovative' Work Environment, Say Millennials (12/10/13)

Mobile Study: Tablets Make a Difference in Teaching and Learning (12/03/13)