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T.H.E. News UpdateT.H.E. News Update is a weekly newsletter covering the latest in technology trends, tools, and usage for K-12 instruction and administration. Opinion pieces by leading technology experts and visionaries provide insight on a variety of critical issues. News, announcements, and need-to-know statistics give readers a quick look at timely news and events affecting the education community. Published weekly.

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Reports: District Leaders Are Hedging Their Bets on Common Core Assessments (11/12/14)

Social Media Turning Out To Help Teachers Gain PD (11/06/14)

Disadvantaged Students in Georgia District Get Home Internet Service (11/05/14)

The 3 Most Common Practices in School Turnaround Efforts (11/04/14)

Feds Want To Know: What Are the Most Pressing Questions in Education? (10/30/14)

Poll: More Americans Support Online Assessment Than Common Core (10/29/14)

Apple Jumps into ConnectED Initiative with $100 Million in Tech Grants (10/28/14)

Are Cell Phone Bans Worth the Trouble? (10/23/14)

Report: Teachers Better at Using Tech than Digital Native Students (10/22/14)

Teacher-Student Similarities Can Impact Grades (10/21/14)

New Report Shares Global Practices for Competency-Based Ed (10/16/14)

Report: Students Lack Wireless Access to Digital Learning Resources at School (10/15/14)

Report: Teachers Don't Think Parents Understand the Common Core (10/14/14)

$121 Million in Federal Grants Bolster Programs for Individuals with Disabilities (10/09/14)

Common Core Survey: Teachers Feel More Prepared but Less Enthusiastic (10/08/14)

Federal Grants Target Leadership in 'Low-Performing' Schools (10/07/14)

Feds: Inequalities in Ed Tech Resources 'Potentially Unlawful Discrimination' (10/02/14)

Google Gives Students Unlimited Storage Space in the Cloud (10/01/14)

California Enacts Landmark Law Protecting the Privacy of Student Data (09/30/14)

Deeper Learning Approach Shows Positive Student Gains (09/25/14)

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