3D Pack Offers Fun And Versatality

Simply 3D Superpack consists of three 3D programs with hundreds of megs of 3D worlds and objects assembled as one set of tools and data. Programs included are Simply 3D, Double Vision and WinBlob. Simply 3D is a complete set of multimedia 3D graphics tools and tutorials with the ability to create 3D worlds and flying titles; it includes a multimedia presentation giving instruction on 3D imagery creation. Double Vision creates full color 3D images from scanned-in stereo photographs that can be viewed as three-dimensional on a computer screen or a print using stereo 3D glasses. WinBlob enables the intuitive formation of 3D people, animals and objects by imitating the action of gathering blobs of clay or other pliable matter to create objects. Visual Software, Inc., Woodland Hills, CA, (818) 883-7900. W

This article originally appeared in the 12/01/1995 issue of THE Journal.