Create, Pose & View Human Models in 3D With Ease

From Fractal Design Corp. comes Poser, a unique application for creating, posing and viewing 3D human models. Figures may be rendered with surface textures and multiple lights and incorporated into presentations or artwork. The software provides male, female and stylized models that can be moved, shaped into any pose and viewed from any angle. The "intelligent" program knows how, for example, an arm moves when the hand is raised, versus needing to manipulate each body segment individually as in other graphics packages. Body sizes range from infant to adult to "super hero," and can be further modified. Even individual body parts, such as arms, legs and torsos, are adjustable in size and dimension. Over 100 pre-defined poses are included; all figures can be saved in convenient libraries for reuse. Designers enjoy complete control over orientation, lighting, camera angles and perspective. Poser works alone or integrates with popular painting, drawing, illustration, 3D and multimedia applications. Sample images are available on the firm's WWW site, Fractal Design Corp., Aptos, CA, (800) 297-COOL. MW

This article originally appeared in the 12/01/1995 issue of THE Journal.