Kit Enables Educators To Teach Multimedia

Designed for educators using or teaching digital media, ScriptX Course Kit Bundle includes ScriptX Course Kit Version 1.0 and ScriptX lab materials. ScriptX is one of the first 54 object-oriented programming languages created expressly for interactive multimedia, allowing users to write applications for the Kaleida Media Player (KMP) that will run on multiple platforms. The TeachingMachine, a ScriptX application included in the bundle, is an authoring environment and playback engine for presentation of courseware. The lab materials include the ScriptX Language Kit; two sets of documentation; and the license to redistribute the language, KMP and documentation for up to 30 seats. An upgrade to the next version is also included. Purchased separately, the Course Kit and Lab License are over $2,700; however, till December 15, 1995, the bundle for educators is specially priced at $1,099. Kaleida Labs, Inc., Mountain View, CA, (800) 6KALEIDA, WM

This article originally appeared in the 12/01/1995 issue of THE Journal.