Practice Taking TOEFL Test In Windows

T'EFL Mastery 2.0, the self- study CD-ROM designed to complement in-class T'EFL exam preparation, is now available for Windows. Along with Windows compatibility, the program offers a revised structuring system and two new test sections. In Section Tests, students take timed tests of the three T'EFL sections and receive section scores. In Full-Length Tests, they take one of the three timed tests and receive both section and total scores. The program is a structured study companion and offers exercises and practice tests which simulate actual T'EFL testing conditions. Students are "acclimated" to the real-life T'EFL by the timing of test sections and by the native English spoken on the CD-ROM. Plus, students can practice each T'EFL question type. Question and answer choices are randomly selected from a data bank, enabling multiple, non-identical exercise sections. At the end of exercises students can review incorrect answers and access help screens detailing mistakes and common problem areas. T'EFL Mastery 2.0 comes in single and multi-user versions. American Language Academy, Rockville, MD, (800) 346-3469. DW

This article originally appeared in the 12/01/1995 issue of THE Journal.