Student Mac Package Boasts Web Browser

Student Essentials for the Macintosh is a package of seven applications that helps student productivity by enabling them to easily research and prepare papers, manage their school work and browse the Web. WordPerfect 3.5 is included, along with Internet publishing tools and Netscape Navigator; Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia; Random House Webster's College Edition Electronic Dictionary and Thesaurus; Bookends, a reference management tool; and 100 Bitstream TrueType Fonts. WordPerfect 3.5 has some interesting features, such as the new Make-it-Fit feature that shrinks or expands documents to a specified number of pages. The Internet publishing tools enable students to create their own Web pages and import information from the Internet into their word processing documents. Novell, Inc., Provo, UT, (801) 429-7000. M

This article originally appeared in the 12/01/1995 issue of THE Journal.